Findlay: Cricket World Cup matches will leave a legacy
February 9, 2007

Findlay: Cricket World Cup matches will leave a legacy

Chief Executive Officer of the Local Organising Committee of the 2007 Cricket World Cup warm up matches here, Michael Findlay said that preparation for these matches will leave a legacy that would benefit the country for years to come.

Speaking at the committee’s press conference last Thursday, Findlay said that not only would the improved infrastructure benefit sporting events, but also the persons trained in different aspects will have with them life long experience.{{more}}

Findlay noted that the Arnos Vale Playing Field, the Sion Hill Playing Field and Stubbs Playing Field have all been upgraded for the warm up matches scheduled here from March 5th to 9th and after these games local cricket as well as football, track and field and other events will reap the benefits of the upgrades.

Persons trained for the security, medical, volunteering and field preparation aspects of the tournament are expected to take their training with them throughout their life and this should enhance their overall performance in their job.

He noted that the image and hospitality we project to the international community will also play a key role, in the way international sporting bodies and visitors look at our nation in the years to come.