February 2, 2007
Crunch time for CWC

Communications officials from the nine Local Organising Committees (LOCs) and ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Inc. have begun meeting to discuss tournament-time roles and the marketing and public-relations drive in the run-up to the Event in March.

The two-day ICC CWC 2007 Corporate Communications Workshop opened in Guyana this morning under the theme “Crunch Time”. In her opening remarks, ICC CWC 2007 Corporate Communications Director, Marvia Roach, noted “this is the time to be honest… we need to deal with our realities…we need to know where our strengths are; where our challenges are…and to look towards our final goal”.{{more}}

“This the last workshop before we move into tournament time and it’s one of critical importance for ICC Cricket World Cup West Indies 2007 Inc. and the LOCs in the host countries. We know we can do this but there must be a sense of collective support for us to be successful,” she told participants.

“This workshop affords the Communications and Marketing officials a final opportunity to review marketing, PR and communications activities over the past three months and collectively chart communications strategies for the next 12 weeks.”

The emphasis, she stated, will be on ensuring LOCs maximise promotional and media-relations opportunities during the final countdown to ICC CWC 2007.

Another focus, said Roach, will be “fully understanding our roles and responsibilities during the Event so that, once it kicks off, we’re all reading from the same page”.

“We will be discussing critical tournament communications issues such as crisis communications strategies; Match Day PR and communications requirements.

“These are just two of several key deliverables required to make Cricket World Cup a success and which, once successfully executed, will further showcase the Caribbean’s ability to stage major world-sporting events.”