Karate Club in Bequia
January 5, 2007

Karate Club in Bequia

After more than 10 years of success on the mainland, the KIAI Karate School has opened another club in Bequia.

The KIAI Karate Club II Bequia was officially opened on December 17, 2006 when members from KIAI Club St Vincent went to Bequia to meet the new members.{{more}}

“It was a fun filled day where Karate was displayed at its highest level. After several breathtaking demonstrations from the Karate students of St Vincent all members had time to train together and learn and observe what you can achieve if you endeavor,” the students in Bequia said in a news release. “We, the students in Bequia, want to thank Sensei Gibson for his perseverance and determination in offering for the people of Bequia this wonderful opportunity; learning the principles of Shotokan Karate and teaching us not only the sport but the lessons we can learn from it for our daily lives.”

Since starting the club over 10 years ago, Selwyn Gibson – also referred to as Sensei Gibson which is the formal Japanese title – has raised 10 black belts which include ages from 12-40 years, along with other ranks from 5 – 50 years old.

The Bequia club offers three classes twice per week. There are 28 students enrolled, the biggest class is the children’s ranging from 6 to 11 years.