July 21, 2006
Neil Williams Twenty/20 semi-finals to be decided this weekend

One team is already into the semifinals as the Neil Williams Twenty/20 Competition approaches an expectedly exciting climax.

Over the weekend, News Spartans defeated Vincom Numdrez by default, after the latter could not field a team.{{more}}

This weekend there are five matches down for decision at three venues.

On Saturday, Belmont will oppose Victors One at the Calliaqua Playing Field, and the winner of that game will play the News Spartans, also at Calliaqua, on the following day.

On Saturday, Police 11 will take on ECGC Radcliffe at London, and Police 1 will oppose Rivals at Brighton. The winners of these games will oppose each other the following day for a place in the finals.

The SVG Cricket Association has scheduled the finals for July 30 at the London Playing Field, once the semi-finals and finals are decided according to schedule.