Netball tourney opens on Sunday
April 7, 2006

Netball tourney opens on Sunday

The Cable & Wireless Netball Tournament opens this Sunday at the Arnos Vale Netball Complex and runs until June 24, 2006.

The ceremony officially begins with the various teams participating in a march past starting at the Methodist Church Arnos Vale and culminating in assembly at the Arnos Vale Netball Complex. {{more}} After the official ceremony, a number of games will be played in an effort to display some of the newly developed skills and the national players’ new uniforms. The Netball Association expressed the view that the level of participation this year is expected to increase, with teams coming from Canouan and Union.

“It is fitting that Cable & Wireless is now associated with netball,” Mrs. Doris Mc Intosh, President of the St. Vincent Netball Association, stated. She reflected that as a young lady she played netball where the Cable and Wireless building stands today in Kingstown.

The synergy of Cable & Wireless and the St. Vincent Netball Association is one that, though multi faceted, serves both institutions. “Cable & Wireless has had a longstanding relationship with the St. Vincent Netball Association. This year we look forward to sponsoring the Cable & Wireless Netball tournament and hope that our assistance speed tracks their efforts to regain their rightful position at the top on the national level,” stated Mr. Daryl Jackson, Chief Executive of Cable & Wireless.