March 24, 2006

St. David Cricketers question umpire decision

The Franco Construction St David Cricket team is not pleased with the level of officiating in their last RBTT Premier Cricket competition. Franco Construction St. David lost by one run in an exciting match last Sunday at Sion Hill, but they believe that the umpiring was a contributing factor in their loss. {{more}}

Julius Anthony, president of the North Leeward Sports Association, is keen to dispel the belief that they are “sour losers”, but he has lodged a complaint.

North Leeward ended on 217 chasing 218 for victory.

Vincom Numbgerz scored 167 and 156, North Leeward 105 and 217.

Anthony, in an open letter to the President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association, observed that the “game was played throughout with one official umpire. Players from the batting team were asked “to stand at square leg.”

Anthony questioned the unclear boundary markings, and the inadequacy of the wicket covers.

North Leeward moved from an overnight 99 for 5 on Saturday to be dismissed for 105. Anthony claimed that the two overnight batsmen were given dubious caught at the wicket decisions by the umpire.

“It was evident to many including close fieldsmen and the square leg umpire that both dismissals were incorrect,” Anthony wrote.

He also cited that there were questionable LBW decisions.

Anthony noted that “conditions under which the highest level of our domestic cricket is played in SVG leave a lot to be desired.”

The RBTT Premier Division is the highest form of cricket played locally.

The North Leeward squad is hoping that their concerns are well received and taken in good faith, and that “the benefactor of our concerns would be the development of cricket in SVG.”

Both teams were recently elevated to the RBTT Premier Division. Vincom Numbgerz was promoted in 2005 after winning the Bottlers First Division, a feat accomplished by Franco Construction the previous year.