November 11, 2005

PM outlines plans for sports in SVG

If the Unity Labour Party is returned to office, sports will be a part of national development.

Vincentian Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves made that promise last week Saturday.

He was speaking at the first annual presentation ceremony staged by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Women’s Cricket Association in conjunction with the Cavaliers Sports Club. {{more}}

Dr. Gonsalves used the occasion to present his government’s plans for the nation, and outlined his administration’s contribution to sporting matters.

The Prime Minister announced plans to spend EC$30 million for restoration, expansion of the Arnos Vale Playing Field. That is to get the ground ready for warm-up matches in the ICC 2007 World Cup.

Four games are scheduled for Arnos Vale, involving World champion Australia, England, Bermuda and Zimbabwe.

Dr. Gonsalves reiterated that plans were on stream for works at Arnos Vale.

A United Kingdom investor, in collaboration with the National Investment Promotion Incorporated, will build over 100 cabanas at Buccament. That will be on 26 acres of land owned by the government.

According to the Prime Minister, a 20 percent deposit would be made December 4, and work will start in January.

Another project at Mt. Wynne/Peters Hope/St. Hilary is also expected to expand the nation’s tourism product. The Project will entail a 600-room hotel, marina, small hotel, golf course, spa and

“all the modern appurtenances of a resort,” according to Dr. Gonsalves.

He disclosed that the agreement was not signed on October 27, because the investors had not completed the development plans.

“But the developers have already paid money for the option which is 18 months,” the Prime Minister revealed.

“Before the end of that period, they will pay the monies relating to the purchase of 69 acres of land, and also a lease of 300 acres for a golf course,” Dr. Gonsalves declared.

“That is where we are in terms of real economic development,” he pointed out.

The Prime Minister also spoke of developments on the Southern Grenadine Island of Canouan. There are plans afoot for construction of a marina in collaboration with the Canouan Resorts Development. These were outlined as efforts in the tourism development thrust.