October 7, 2005
8 coaches after certification

Eight local table tennis coaches are in pursuit of the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) level one coaching certificate.

The eight survived the acid test, completing twenty-four hours of tutelage under certified coach Ahmed Dalwatly. The Egyptian born Dalwalty conducted the first phase of the course September 19 to 28, at the Campden Park Secondary School.{{more}}

National coach Sean Stanley, top male players Joseph Carrington and Robert Ballantyne, along with Rodney Caruth, Julian Sutherland, Khalique Bailey, Unica Velox and Natasha Shortte are the eight in search of the certificate.

If successful, the eight coaches will be eligible to instruct at the national level.

But first they will have to complete another thirty hours of practical sessions, five supervised by Dalwalty and the other twenty-five hours by the local association.

And, already some have been spurred into action, to embellish their new found abilities by hosting several students in the Kingstown area in sessions at the Old Government Printery Building.

The level one programme forms part of Dalwalty’s terms of reference as he nears his five month tenure in the state.