Troumaca cricketers fully geared
April 22, 2005

Troumaca cricketers fully geared

Being away from home does not necessarily erase images of the place where one grew up. And so is the case with Bernard Providence. A keen cricketer over his career, he represented the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School in 1983 and 1984. He also made it to the Under-19 level locally.{{more}}

Providence’s story is a case of what’s in a name, as he is also known as Mark Audain.

Whatever way one distinguishes him, his dedication to cricket has been well documented and he has left an enduring legacy. His son, Dominic Audain is following closely in his father’s footsteps. Dominic has joined his father in the United States where he is making a name for himself in the Brooklyn League.

Dominic had established himself here before he left, representing the national Under-15 squad having graduated from the St. Vincent Cooperative bank Under-15 competition.

Bernard Providence maintains his devotion to the sport, and holds in own among some of the best West Indian cricketers who play on the American scene.

Providence returned to his adopted land last Monday, his second trip home since he left here 18 years ago.

He did not come home empty handed and his home village Troumaca has benefited from his generosity. He handed over a quantity of cricket gear to the Troumaca United Cricket team. The package included a bat, pads, mittens and wicket keeping gloves.

George Akers, who returned from a sojourn in Canada some years ago, received the equipment on the team’s behalf. He thanked Providence for his contribution and expressed the hope that other Troumaca residents abroad will follow Providence’s example.

“I feel happy to make a contribution,” Providence said in a brief ceremony held at Marsy Under the Rocks at Troumaca Bay.