Vranes: Football ready
April 15, 2005
Vranes: Football ready

Technical Director of this country’s football, Zoran Vranes, is bubbling with anticipation and is rearing to put his plans in action.

With a programme catering for all age groups and schools, Vranes foresees exciting times for this country’s football.{{more}}

His approach involves the incorporation of many young players and members of the current squad, who fit into his scheme of things.

Vranes’ emphasis will be on tactical and technical development of players. He acknowledged the presence of an abundance of “raw talent.” Some of this talent Vranes said he saw in the recent National League.

The coasch was to put his plans into motion earlier this week when training of the senior national team was set to resume.

Vranes took over last September following the sacking of Ces Podd and Adrian Shaw and guided St. Vincent and the Grenadines through the remainder of the World Cup campaign and the Digicel Cup.

Having familarised himself with the material available, Vranes has his eyes on the 2010 World Cup.

His efforts could be embellished by the accreditation of some local coaches through a soon to be established Coaching Licence Programme by the Caribbean Football Union.

He sees the development of other coaches as critical for this country’s football.

Vranes is considered by some members of the present executive as “understanding.”

This assessment of him, comes in light of the fact that he has not received his US$6000 salary for the past two months, yet seems to keep this country’s football development at heart.

The Federation though, has outfitted him with a motor vehicle, which assists him traversing the mainland seeking out new talent.

Football has been the focus of intense attention following the hype the sport received in recent months.

However, this interest has not been commensurate with SVGFF’s Public Relations Office efforts, as little information has been emanating from that portfolio.

Many have given Vranes high marks during his tenure.

He was blessed with arguably the best team since the famed 1979-1981 era.

The Yugoslavian-born Vranes has been credited for adding a free flowing flavour to the national team’s play.

But his worth will be tested as he begins from the foundation.