December 10, 2004
Tyros FC takes Ju-C Bequia football title

by Garfield Gurley

Ashford Forde, one of the youngest players in the Bequia Football League, turned out to be the unlikely hero for his team Tyros FC last Sunday, December 5. His strike made the difference in the score line in the epic battle in the final with archrival Gabba Boyz. {{more}}

Forde’s 89th minute goal made it 2:1 and put the championship and its trimmings beyond doubt.

Forde breached the Gabba Boyz defence in a daring solo act to complete a superb team effort.

His captain, Wayne Peters, opened the scoring in the 15th minute with a spectacular goal from the corner spot. His shot curved into the nets in delightful fashion. The famous Glynn twins were in action when Sean aggressively attacked the goal and won a penalty kick. Shane found the back of the net and tied up the game at that point.

But Forde had things his way and made the difference.

This is Tyros FC’s first title since capturing the title in 2000, when the tournament was held at Paget Farm. Three years later, Tyros FC emerged champions again this time at the Clive Tannis Playing Field.