IHS tops schools soccer
December 3, 2004
IHS tops schools soccer

Midst jeers of “the referee cheat” from Emmanuel High School Kingstown (EHSK) students and supporters, the Intermediate High School (IHS) collected the winning trophy in this year’s Coca-Cola Inter Secondary School Football Competition.{{more}}

The game that ended 2-1 was played last Tuesday at the Arnos Vale 1 Playing Field.

Although outplaying the EHSK, the IHS, under pressure from a first half goal by IHS striker Jamal Thomas, managed to pull off two goals in the second half. Seniard “Shaka Zulu” Bowens scored a few minutes into the second half to put his team ahead. This was followed by a successful strike from star forward Anthony Medica.

The EHSK, winners of the tournament last year, played some sloppy football at times, but got their act together in the dying minutes of the game, shooting a number of shots wide of the goal and arousing cheers from the crowd that have over the years deteriorated drastically. The IHS at times also showed inexperience in some aspects of the game as they squandered a number of easy chances to push the game way past their opponents.

IHS forward Romano Snagg, who scored a total of 21 goals during the tournament, was rewarded with a computer by sponsors the St. Vincent Brewery Limited.

The Layou Technical and Vocational School placed third in the tournament.