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Dominican Basketballers in Bequia

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This weekend is billed as one of high calibre basketball on the northern Grenadine island of Bequia. It will feature Dominica’s National Men’s Basketball Team under Coach Egbert Charles. The young Dominican squad challenges two Grenadines teams at the Clive Tannis Hard Court. {{more}}

The first game sees the Dominicans against Valley Nets of Union Island coached by Kennedy Straker. That game is scheduled for Friday, November 12 at 8 p.m.

Saturday, November 13, the Dominicans play the Bequia All-Stars (coached by Junior Sutton). This is set for 9:30 p.m. and all indications are that this will be a keen contest.

This invitational series comes on the request of Dave Baron, president of the Dominica Amateur Basketball Association (DABA). He requested a venue and challengers to give his young team regional experience.

Secretary-general of the Caribbean Confederation, Sabrina Mitchell, also president of the Bequia Association, responded and this has been the result.

Saturday night will also see a women’s basketball game with Trotman’s Celebrity challenging the Bequia Liberty. This game is scheduled for 7:30 pm.