September 17, 2004
Mustique team wins Bequia basketball title

The island of Mustique has been well-established in international circles. Its reputation as a home of the rich and famous is accepted.
But a group of workers on that tourist resort has lifted the area into sporting history. ##M[more]##Mustique Icons, based on the tiny resort, overcame all odds and took the 2004 Bequia Basketball title on their first outing.
Led by Wade Patterson with 25 points and six steals, Mustique Icons were guided to a 98-73 win over Samuel’s Rising Star to take the series 2-1.
Tauran Ollivierre was Rising Star’s leading scorer with 17 points, which propelled his tally of 198 in eight games to the most points in the tournament.
Captain of Mustique Icons was Alwyn James with the coach being Raymond Dewers.
Mustique Icons have qualified for the Zonal Basketball Championship carded for October.
Kendall Cumberbatch, with an average of 36-63, was Mustique Icon’s Most Valuable Player. However, some members of the squad have raised doubts about that play off. Gemey Richardson hinted that he was “not too sure if we will be able to get time off”.
Mustique Icons rode a speedboat across to the neighbouring island, and that closeness enabled them to participate. The distance to the mainland for the National Championship will present some logistical problems, Richardson indicated.
“We are watching and seeing what’s happening,” he said.