September 17, 2004
Mitchell pleased with basketball in Bequia

President of the Bequia Basketball Association Sabrina Mitchell is satisfied with the running of this year’s Bequia Basketball tournament.
She noted that this was the sixth annual tournament and she described it as “very well run” and a “huge success”. {{more}}
Mitchell, also secretary of the National Basketball Association, commended residents on Bequia for their support. She noted that the game was getting bigger and better in Bequia.
The tournament was in three Divisions. Gladiatorz took the Second Division winning the decisive game 78-76 against Warriaz. Cosmus Hackshaw, 17 points, was the leading scorer for Gladiatorz, while Keithroy Lavia with 25 points propped up Warriaz.
Paget Farm Nuggets beat Bequia Community High Rockets 67-63 to take the Under-16 Division. Josias Robinson, 31 points and 17 rebounds, was the top marksman for Nuggets, and Kerry Frederick led for Rockets with 31 points. That performance underlined a fine season for Frederick. He was Overall Under-16 Most Valuable Player (MVP), with 213 points, 212 rebounds, nine assists, 31 steals, and 12 blocks from seven games.
A prize-giving function saw Jonas King being crowned Overall MVP for the First Division. He had 175 points and the most rebounds – 112, five assists, 17 steals and five blocks from seven games. King was also adjudged the Most Improved Player.
Cornelius Farrell, 26, in seven games had the most steals, while his East Blazers teammate Colin Blugh, 23, had the most assists.
Otice Lewis, 14, in six games had the most blocks.
However, the MVP for the series was Lindon Garrick.
Tauran Ollivierre, with 198 points, was the leading scorer in the First Division.
In the Second Division, Danroy Bess was the Overall MVP. His 192 points were the most, and so too were his 103 rebounds. But he also had two assists, 19 steals and three blocks from six games.
Ben Andrews, with 26, had the most steals; Keithroy Lavia, 25, had the most assists; while Miguel McKree with six had the most blocks. McKree was also named Most Promising Rookie.
The Most Improved Player in this Division was Anthony Sargeant.
Kerry Frederick dominated the Under-16 category. He was overall MVP, with most points, 213, and most rebounds, 155.
Jamal Hutchins had the most steals with 51, and topped the assists with 15.
Craig Williams, with 13, had the most blocks and was also named the Most Promising Rookie. The Most Improved Player was Josias Robinson with 155, an almost 100 per cent improvement on his 2003 performance of 81 points.