August 27, 2004
Referees free to flow

Assistant referees Andrew Bramble, Clemroy ‘Bert” Francois, and referee Timothy Hazelwood can now resume their officiating duties now that a ban imposed on them by the Confederation of North, Central America, and Caribbean Football (CONCACAF) was been lifted. The trio was granted the reprieve by the regional body.{{more}}
However, referee Gurley will still have to serve a one-year ban originally placed on the four Vincentians who were suspended following their performance in the World Cup Qualifier in St. Lucia, when the hosts met Panama on June 20.
In that match, Gurley was the referee, Bramble and Francois his assistants with Hazelwood the fourth official.
Their performance was seen by the Referees’ Inspector appointed by CONCACAF, “as below the standard required.”
Following their suspension last month, the quartet immediately sought redress from CONCACAF.
The lifting of the ban was communicated to the local federation August 18, by Deputy General Secretary Ted Howard. He indicated that although the ban had been lifted, the performance of the three would be under scrutiny.
A member of CONCACAF Referees Committee will be in contact with the SVGFF and match officials to review their performance and what they need to do to raise the standard of their officiating to an acceptable level,” Howard wrote.