August 13, 2004
Olympics begin today in Athens Greece

The 2004 Olympic Games open today in the cradle of the games Athens Greece with doubts having been cast over the past performances of many stellar athletes, many of whom have tested positive for drugs. ##M;[more]##
The Greeks were until practically the last minute engaged in last minute preparations of some of their installations though they had assured the sporting world that they would be ready to welcome the world’s best athletes.
The Caribbean flag will be held high by athletes who have shown that they can bring back medals to the region.
St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ biggest hope rests with Natasha Mayers, our female 100 metres US-based athlete.
We may just get bonus medals from our swimmer Donnie DeFrietas and Andrew Grant on the 800 metre track. The Bahamian and Jamaican teams are expected to equip themselves well in the sprints while Cuba, which has fallen off in this track dominance in recent years is still expected to do well in field events.
All eyes will, for the next few weeks be trained on television sets as the greatest test of skills unfolds as the world’s best aim higher, to go faster and show who is stronger.