May 28, 2004
Team SVG gets more foreign assistance

Two foreign coachS are now working with the national football teams here.
Brian Mc Aughey and Phil Smith both work for premiere club Sheffield Wednesday in England and arrived here last week Tuesday for a one-month stay. {{more}}
They will focus mainly on the Under-17, Under-20 and the female teams.
Smith has been involved with youth development and girls and women training. He has been in elite training for over seven years with six years in the United States at the University of St. John’s where the team went unbeaten for his entire stint as assistant manager.
Mc Aughey said that later this year two coaches from SVG will journey to England where they will spend two months at Sheffield Wednesday learning coaching skills.
“I hope that they will bring some of the ideas here and help develop football,” said Mc Aughey. He said that so far he has been impressed with the level of skill and fitness he has seen.
“We are always looking for players,” said Mc Aughey.
In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Smith said that in his opinion the players in SVG are as good as players anywhere else but they need to “gel together” on the field.
“It is no good, one player having one idea and the other ten doing something different; you need to be all reading from the same page,” said Smith. He said, however, that this can be a long process but the team will eventually get there.