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February 22, 2013

We thank God for sharing with us such a special person

Fri Feb 22, 2013

by Cheryl G Rodriguez

St Vincent and the Grenadines has lost an exceptional and irreplaceable citizen, Mrs Norma Keizer, who has touched the lives of thousands of young ladies who passed through her hands in the education system. I am one of those girls. She was my History teacher at the Girls’ High School.{{more}} She made History come alive in us. She was my form Mistress in Lower Six and helped to shape my life. My friend of blessed memory, Yvette Keane and I assisted her in organizing all school activities. She told me that we were so willing.

She also assisted our Committee in training the contestants in the interview segment for MISS SVG for several years. She once said to me that she admired my strength.

At the Searchlight, she was most considerate whenever I contacted her in relation to inserts for the bank where I worked.

She would say ”Cheryl, I cannot refuse you anything.”

In a note I wrote to her to let her know how much I cared about her, I told her that she was my mentor and friend, and I have tried to emulate her fine qualities.

I admired her attributes of being soft-spoken, kind, hard-working, VERY FIRM, a phenomenal woman, an Educator par excellence, a wonderful human being, with a sense of humour and simply, an amazing lady.

We thank God for sharing with us such a special person who has done so much for us at our Alma Mater.

I am happy I was able to visit her at home and in hospital, where she sang for me “He has done great things, he has done great things and Holy is His name”.

My deepest condolences to Andrea, Clare and Simone, her lovely daughters and their families, her friends, relatives and the education fraternity on the loss of such a dear one.