Loving Is All
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February 15, 2011

Loving Is All


Winning Love Story (Married Couple) for the Total Inspiration 100.5

Valentine’s Love Story Promotion

by Adrian Wright

As my mind drifts off into the far reaches of those Heavenly memories of the love we share, it never ceases to fill my heart with joy and contentment. The time we spent together, the places we’ve visited, they all stand as landmarks of our undying love.{{more}}

My story begins when I was just a seventeen year old High School student, busy studying for my CXC exams. I was a regular at the Kingstown Public Library doing my research every evening after school. However, all that was about to change.

One rainy evening, a group of studious young ladies from another High School ascended the stairs. Immediately one of them caught my attention, and I was captivated by her beauty. But unfortunately, I was too shy to try and talk to her, so I remained in my seat just staring at her intensely, burning her image onto my brain. That evening, I observed everything about her until she left with her friends. I felt like an idiot for letting her slip away so easily and didn’t even take the opportunity to go and talk to her. And from that evening onward, I visited the Library with the hope of seeing her again. Then months went by, and I never saw her, and so I thought all hope was lost.

Then one Saturday morning in the month of May, I decided to go and study at the UWI Library. Upon my arrival, my eyes beheld the same girl that my heart yearned for, and so I immediately swallowed all fear and approached her. I sparked up a very interesting, yet subtle inviting conversation with this Angel, and we spent hours talking and studying together that day. We then became friends, and started going out on study dates.

After a few more months had passed, it was now time for us to graduate from High School, so we agreed to escort each other to our School’s Graduation Ball. So, on Prom night, we both decided to go for a Limousine ride and spend more time with each other. That’s when we shared our first kiss, and it was like if all the Hosts of Heaven were singing for joy in my ears. From that night onward, love drew us so close together and knitted us into a glorious relationship. We were now recognized as boyfriend and girlfriend, and the feeling was so unexplainable.

As time played on, we both decided that we couldn’t be without each other, so we joined the same College. We spent two magnificent years in that College, laughing, playing and just enjoying each other’s company, though at times love became a distraction from academics. But apart from all the external issues we faced as a couple, nothing ever separated us; love was our foundation and our bond. During the last year of College, we both began discussing plans of getting married. And we were ready to make that lifetime commitment. So we both agreed to share the idea with our families and they supported both of us in our decision.

Now that marriage was agreed upon, it was up to me as the man to be creative and think of a romantic way of proposing to my girlfriend. I contemplated choosing romantic locations such as sunset at the beach, or during a nice evening dinner, but those ideas I considered as being mediocre. My plan was to show my girlfriend how much I love her, and profess my love to her before many witnesses. So, on a bright and sunny morning, on the 24th of June 2004, I decided to ask for her hand in marriage at our College Graduation Ceremony. Then a year later, we finally got married.

Our Wedding Day was a dream come true; it was a breathtaking experience that will last till death. And I will always remember that song ‘Loving is All,’ by local recording artiste Abuzanimah, who performed at our wedding. Apart from all the struggles we had, all the disagreements and arguments, trials and temptations, all these obstacles molded our relationship and strengthened our love. We never gave up on each other, no matter what the circumstances were, and we always placed our trust in God.

Love is all about forgiving, trusting, and serving your partner unconditionally. And without love as the basic foundation within any relationship, it will never survive. And as we celebrate six blessed years of marriage, I can really conclude that “Loving is All.”