Special Features
November 30, 2007


What is the tourism development project?

The purpose of the Tourism Development Project (TDP), funded by the European Union, is to strengthen the management and sustainable development of the tourism sector, so that it can contribute to the long-term development of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

What sites and attractions?

A total of 19 tourism recreation sites and attractions will be developed under the project. Most of the works relate mainly to the building of Welcome Booths, washrooms, parking, picnic facilities, trail access, site interpretation, and security. Through a comprehensive process, support and assistance are being provided to the community located near the identified sites and attractions, to be actively involved in the management and operation as tourist facilities. This will provide opportunities for creation of jobs and generation of income, particularly for the rural population.

Beauty and History

Fort Murray Located in Union Island

“This Fort has a pentagonal shape, with a diameter of 55ft/17 m, with 4 cannons: one pointed towards Mayreau, one to the East Channel, one to Prune (Palm) Island, and the forth one to Clinton Bay. There are the ruins of an old warehouse, and under the stairs is a Powder-Room intact. One of the major features of interest is the panoramic view provided at the Fort from an elevation of close to 400 ft/123 m. Visitors are treated to picturesque sea and landscape of the Grenadines islands, visible shallow reefs and boats going back and forth.

The upgrading of the site will include: Welcome/ Ticket Booth, dedicated parking, public washrooms, paths, trail and landscaping, improvement of road access, Interpretation, communication, safety and emergency material, and garbage bins.

Baleine Falls

Visitor Services will include: Security, Interpretation Signs, Viewing Platform, Pool Improvement, Emergency Services.

Belmont Lookout

Will provide a Viewing Platform, Parking and Interpretation panels.

Black Point Recreation & Heritage Park

The site will provide picnic facilities, children’s play area, Heritage Tunnel Appreciation Precinct, Interpretation & Signage, Tropical Garden, Tunnel Improvements, Pedestrian Walkways.

Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens (the oldest in the Western Hemisphere) will be upgraded with the entrance moving back to its original location. The present unused Aviary will be converted into an area which could be used for small functions such as weddings.

Owia Salt Pond

Craft Centre, Food and Vendor Kiosks, Gazebos, Children’s Playground, Showers and much more.

Vermont Nature Trail

Trail Re-alignment, Scenic Lookouts, Signage & Interpretation and much more.

Cumberland Nature Trail

Trail Alignment & Lengthening, Scenic Lookout, Foot Bridges, Washrooms, Signage & Interpretation, and more.

Dark View Falls

Heritage Compatible Bridges, Picnic Facilities, Viewing Platform, Interpretation & Signage, and much more….

Rawacou Beach

Recreation Park

Dune Protection, Picnic Area Shelters, Children’s Play Area, Changing Rooms, Washrooms & much more.

Soufriere Cross Country Trail

Visitor Centre, Seating, Picnic Gazebos, Signage & Interpretation Panels & more…

Tobago Cays Marine Park

Procurement of vessels for use in the management of the Park.

Wallilabou Heritage Park

Welcome Centre, Vendor Kiosks, Washrooms, Landscaping, Interpretation and Signage, and more….