Special Features
October 26, 2007

Quotes about the refurbished Kingstown Methodist Church


Monty Maule

We are excited as Methodists about this project, we are extremely pleased that we have completed it within the timeframe we have projected. We are happy with the persons we chose to do it and our brethren from Guyana have really surprised us beyond our wildest imagination with the quality work that they have done. Our people responded tremendously to our requirements for funding; we have had support from all over the country and abroad and God has indeed blessed us. We are proud to refurbish this chapel which was built by our forefathers just after slavery and I’m sure that they are looking down on us in spirit very proud of what we’ve done.{{more}}

Grafton Isaacs

We are committed and the restoration committee is responsible for the work you have seen here. Mr. Dey and his men from Guyana have done a magnificent job and I think the members of the church are justly proud. I think anybody who has the time should come and see – it’s a masterpiece, it has never been done in this country before and the workmen should be highly commended. Reverend Job, steering this committee, he has done a fantastic job.

Brenton Bailey – Organist

I think the refurbishing of the organ is very timely, a lot of work has been done on it before from time to time, but now it has been totally overhauled; a lot of the parts have been renewed. Mr. Prescod will be assisting on Sunday, but it’s hard to find young persons to do this type or work, but hopefully in time to come somebody will emerge.

Astor Williams – Sextant

The condition of the church was very bad but looking at it now will make me do a better job. I feel very proud of how it is looking now and I endeavor my best to take care of it.

Rev. Victor Job

I think the refurbishing is an amazing job which has been done and we are well pleased with the product that we have now. Have a look at it and you’ll see what I’m talking about. We have a committee that has been working the past year giving direction and guidance and monitoring the project. Brother Trevor Thompson, Sister Gillian John, Sister Grace Morris, Sister Voila John, Brother Monty Maule, Brother Claude Samuel, Brother Brenton Bailey and Brother Grafton Isaacs: a committee of the faithful and they must be commended. We couldn’t have done it without them.