Leunda Joseph says ‘Believe in yourself and reach for the stars’
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September 7, 2007

Leunda Joseph says ‘Believe in yourself and reach for the stars’


My name is Mrs. Luenda Joseph. I am 36 years old. I am from the village of New Grounds. I attended four classes at the New Grounds Primary School; IT, Life Skills, Literacy and Civics.{{more}}

First, I must say I benefited from all of them, especially Life Skills. I learnt how to talk to people without getting upset, by telling them what’s on my mind, and how to discipline my children in the right way and much more.

In it, although I had a computer, I didn’t know how to use it properly, until I went to the class, and now I know a lot. I’m just going to continue on my computer at home. The other two I really learnt a lot, because although I live in St. Vincent, I didn’t know much about Justice in my country and other stuff.

I want to say thanks to Miss Jackson and to all the facilitators who made this possible for me, and I encourage persons out there to come out to the classes. Don’t be afraid. You know what you want in life, because I know what I want in life, that’s why I’m going to write three subjects at CXC in 2008. So, believe in yourself and reach for the stars.