Registrar Gibson-Marks – a link to the Judges
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March 2, 2007

Registrar Gibson-Marks – a link to the Judges

A link to the Judges, an additional magistrate and a signatory to of all Judges orders – no order is legal without this person’s signature.

The above describes the office of the Registrar of the High Court, an office that has been held by St Lucian Tamara Gibson-Marks since February last year.{{more}}

Gibson-Marks, who is the wife of Senator Ronald Marks, said that initially the office of the Registrar was that of a judicial clerk to the Judges. This is not so anymore, now the Registrar is responsible for the administration of the High Court, which now consists of 49 persons.

“It is a challenging job, but I am enjoying it,” said Gibson-Marks, who is currently operating without a deputy, something she considers a crucial need.

As for her responsibility to the Judges, Gibson-Marks said that because of the responsibility and the honour and code of ethics of the Judges’ office, they are in essence removed from society.

“The Registrar has to keep them abreast of everything, including directives and information from the head office in St Lucia; and

we get a lot of correspondence from them,” she said.