Pastor Walker withstands tests
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February 2, 2007
Pastor Walker withstands tests

Picture this, you worked for two years to win the heart of a young lady who made it very tough, finally she said yes, you got married, embarked on a journey of ministry unto God, then your wife of just 15 months died days after giving birth to your daughter!

This was the story of the pastor of the Kingdom Life Ministries (Barrouallie Pentecostal Church), Rev Alvin Walker, but he is grateful that this wasn’t the end, but only a part of the journey of his life.{{more}}

Rev Walker, 37, came to St Vincent in 1999 with his first wife Reabelle, not sure where he was going, only that he had just finished Bible School and applied to the PAWI St Vincent and the Grenadines district and was accepted.

Assigned to the New Life Prayer Tabernacle (South Rivers Pentecostal Church) all Rev Walker and Reabelle wanted to do was to succeed.

“We just wanted to succeed in ministry, we were determined to make it,” he said.

Maybe it had something to do with the fresh Vincentian breeze or the unspoiled beauty that is St Vincent, but shortly after arriving, Reabelle got pregnant. Then on October 05, tragedy struck. Within days of giving birth to their daughter, Reabelle died from complications that have still remained unclear to Rev Walker.

Many who were close to him questioned and argued with God but he could only tell his God “Lord, I miss her and I am hurting.”

Then just as he started moving on, his life went through another upheaval. Rev Walker always knew that even though he cherished the life that he shared with Reabelle that she was gone and his life had to go on. The one thing he purposed in his heart was not to fall in love with anyone from his church; he couldn’t handle the drama, even though the South Rivers assembly had a lot of beautiful, single young ladies.

“I was looking in the direction of St Lucia but in the end what I tried to avoid, happened,” Rev Walker said.

The attractive Shawnette Dublin caught his eyes and his heart and try as he could, he couldn’t resist her charm. But this spelt trouble for him because no sooner had they started dating when a whirlwind of questions and accusations were thrown his way.

“It was a test of my character and the call of God on my life, it isn’t easy when you know you have done nothing wrong, yet be tossed around like that,” he said.

He recalled fondly that his biggest dilemma was to have his girlfriend mistakenly address him as pastor even when they are alone, because that was the nature of their relationship before.

“Worse yet, suppose she kept calling pastor even after we are husband and wife?” he asked with a mischievous grin on his face.

He resigned the South Rivers assembly and in May, 2001, took up the pastorate at the Kingdom Life Ministries church in Barrouallie. In July of 2001 he married Shawnette and together they are raising his daughter Reabelle 7, and Jaahdiel, their 16-month-old son.

By the way she calls him Alvin, among other names, but not pastor!

Rev Walker has fit into the Barrouallie community, and still an avid sportsman, he plays cricket, football and basketball at every given opportunity.

“This is how I connect with the youths in the community, and try to impact their lives,” Rev Walker said.

He told SEARCHLIGHT that he is concerned about the stigma that has been attached to the Barrouallie community, and his church continues to do its best to help stimulate a desire for change and a better way for the youths. He also works with the Keartons Sports Club which is using sports as a positive alternative to the negative influences that attract the young people.

Rev Walker has taken the 134-member congregation that he met, and now the Kingdom Life Ministries has a membership of 184 to which can be added the many who often visit the services.

Looking back now, the exciting Moriah, Tobago preacher has counted all his trials and testings as crucial to making him what he has become and he looks forward to continuing his service to God, whether in St Vincent “my second home,” or anywhere else the Lord sees fit to lead him.