Belle Vue – the baby of PAWI
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February 2, 2007

Belle Vue – the baby of PAWI

Too many churches? No way, says PAWI, people still need the Lord.

A demographic study was done in Belle Vue followed by two weeks of crusade and the Belle Vue Pentecostal Church was born.{{more}}

Seasoned lay preacher Marcellus Constance along with his wife of 24 years Princess are now giving leadership to a vibrant church that is already showing the potential to take off and grow beyond what PAWI itself imagined.

“A lot of people are coming to the Lord and some who had backslidden for years are returning to Christ,” said Pastor Constance when he spoke to SEARCHLIGHT recently.

The church that held its first Sunday Morning service with 8 persons on March 19, 2006 is now seeing an average attendance of 46 at its Sunday Morning services.