Special Features
January 19, 2007

I can help my children with their homework


Testimony of Ms. Sharon Pierre

First I must say thanks to the Prime Minister for the National Literacy Crusade classes. I left school in senior three but I didn’t know how to read and spell properly. One day I was at home and my sister told me there will be evening classes and I went to register. So I am in one of the classes. When I was in school I did not like Maths and spelling because I could not spell and do Maths. But I can say that I like it and I must say that the Literacy programme is a second opportunity for me.##:[more]##

Now I can help my children in Maths home work and spelling. The reason why I say it is a good opportunity for me because I can spell, read, do Maths and Language arts. My teacher is a good person to me, she takes her time with me and I must say thank you again Dr. Ralph Gonsalves for this second chance.

Testimony of Mrs. Monica Ballantyne of Sandy Bay – Zone One

I attended the Literacy classes to learn to read, write and spell more. I was there from the very beginning, up until the end. I was glad for the opportunity to interact with the other learners.

Personally I can read now. The other day I went to the hospital with my son and was able to identify the name of the Physiotherapy room and x-ray room because I attended the classes. If I did not attend the classes I would not have been able to find the rooms

on my own. I have no regret that I attended the classes.