Frederick: Cater for golden years
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January 12, 2007

Frederick: Cater for golden years

Citizens were admonished to be entrepreneurial and industrious if they want to secure their financial futures.

Speaking at the Church service to celebrate the National Insurance Services’ (NIS) 20th anniversary, Rev George Frederick condemned laziness and encouraged young people especially to find ways and means to earn income for their future financial wellbeing.{{more}}

Using his signature acrostic method to present his message on the topic “Present reality-Future security”, Rev. Frederick among other things told those gathered at the Wilson Hill New Testament Church that there are many persons who are satisfied with leeching others rather than earning a living for themselves.

He however reminded the congregation, which included Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste that there are the indigent poor among us, who as a society we must reach out to.

“You cannot see someone in need and you have the means to meet their need and turn the other way,” Rev. Frederick said.

In a beautifully intertwined sermon and financial counseling discourse, Rev Frederick said that while the present reality for some is that they are living pay cheque to pay cheque there needed to be a radical change in people’s attitude.

He said that some of what people earned must be put away to cater for their golden years.

“You can’t use up all your substance now,” he warned.

Before the message the audience was ministered unto by the NIS employees’ choir, who did two traditional hymns, Great is thy Faithfulness and Count your Blessings.