NIPI to launch National Export Strategy (NES)
Special Features
September 29, 2006

NIPI to launch National Export Strategy (NES)

It is the hope of the NIPI to launch the National Export Strategy by year end.

The Process of building this strategy began in October 2005 and one of the main persons ensuring that this project comes to fruition is Export Development Officer – Shanna Browne. Browne is part of the project team which also comprises Ellison Clarke – National Consultant, and a Core Team, made up of local public and private sector officials. The entire process is being navigated by the NIPI, represented by Executive Director – Suzanne Joachim.{{more}}

The process requires having consultations with the core team, businesses, the Commonwealth Secretariat (providers of Financial Support) and The International Trade Centre – ITC (providers of technical support). The ITC also provides instructions on use and application of the ITC-NES template.

The Export Strategy, when completed, will deal with international competitiveness of the business community, export development and performance, and specialized needs of sectors that have high export potential. Browne indicated that the NES will be launched after the adoption of the response paper, and the conclusion of the National Stakeholder Symposium.

Currently the area of focus is the country’s Response Paper which:

• Presents a frank assessment of St. Vincent and the Grenadines trading performance and prospects;

• Identifies the key issues that are impeding the country’s competitiveness; and

• Suggests a strategic process and framework for overcoming the obstacles to further export development.

The Symposium is intended to solicit endorsement, from the government of St.Vincent and the Grenadines and key stakeholders in the public and private sector in the NES design process; and make recommendations for the development, implementation and management of the future strategy. NIPI anticipates that the Symposium will motivate more businesses to pledge their commitment to developing a strategy that would address their needs.