Special Features
February 10, 2006


Winners #1

Canadian Michele Jackson is the author of our first winning story. She and her valentine, James Williams of LaCroix will spend a night of romance at Friendship Bay Resort in Bequia.

Our “How we met story” is one written in fairy tales, and one that is brought together by “The Higher Universe and Guardian Angels.” As you read through you will realize there is no other explanation…

On my girlfriend’s return from St. Vincent she told me she met her boyfriend’s brother and knew we would be perfect together. I was in Canada and the men there think 25 miles is too far away, so how on earth could I believe that one could form a long distance relationship. My girlfriend kept bugging me to call so being in a daring mood I called him using my cell. First, we all know how poor cell reception is especially overseas, well my call was answered on the second ring (I think someone above knew I was ready to chicken out, and the call was soooo clear you would think I was talking to my neighbour. {{more}}I have never had this kind of reception since. I did most of the talking and all I remember this man saying was “UH HUH! ” to most of my questions. Ladies you know those one way conversations. Well after that I didn’t think too much. A couple weeks went by, then my girlfriend says, “what did you do to him all he ever talks about is you”. Well now I’m totally perplexed “how dare a man talk about me when HE doesn’t even call me, so now you all know I must call him up” and put this man in his place!!

Well James apparently had been smitten with me since he first heard my voice. I was not aware of the high cost of phone calls between the two countries nor how slow mail is. Soon our conversations were a nightly ritual and a very strong friendship bond was formed. James began professing his love for me which I kept saying was total nonsense since we had never met in person. But something about the conviction you could hear in his voice told me he wasn’t a “player”. He really believed, he would always say “No problem I can and will wait as long as it takes”. We sent letters back and forth, plans were made to finally meet. To say I was terrified was an understatement… to go to a strange country by myself , stay with this “stranger” … what if he was lying and not the person he claimed to be?

But something deep down kept pushing me. Well those five weeks sped by. I met lots of tremendous people, saw beautiful countryside, and fell in love with James and his kids. The most difficult thing I had to do was return home. Plans were made for James to visit Canada but as we ran against obstacle after obstacle, it was James and his son Clinton who helped me keep my faith when things got very lonely. Finally in June, James arrived. We realized we wanted to always be together. It was decided it would be best if I moved to St. Vincent. I have been here since December and there have been many adjustments for everyone concerned. The children now have a “Mom” in the house again who is strict with their studies and eating “healthy.” Not to mention a few language barriers, but when they hug me every night and tell me they “love me” or the way my man looks at me and I can “see the love in his eyes” I know I made the right decision. Now my fate is in the hands of the Prime Minister’s office as I wait to find out if they will grant me residency.

They say true love only happens once in a lifetime it took me 42 years to find it and I thank God each day for bringing us together over many oceans and mountains. I am writing this for Valentine’s Day but James shows me every day how much he truly loves me by all the little things he does!