Special Features
October 21, 2005

South Rivers Co-operative Credit Union progressing

South Rivers Cooperative Credit Union is one of the small, rural based credit unions set up to assist farmers in the community. The growth of the organization depended heavily on the banana industry.

The decline of the banana industry made life difficult for members hence business was not the same as usual. {{more}}In the year 2001 the St. Vincent Credit Union League held its Annual General Meeting in South Rivers in an effort to give moral support. From there on South Rivers Cooperative Credit Union made gradual progress. The Credit Union has given monetary contributions to the South Rivers Methodist School to enhance its development. It gave financial support to members of our sister credit unions in Grenada who were devastated by Hurricane Ivan.

South Rivers Cooperative Credit Union offers service to the community by accepting payment of water bills and providing office space from where members of the Bun Pan Friendly Society can transact their business.