Suzanne’s gives seniors Independence treat
Special Feature
October 23, 2009
Suzanne’s gives seniors Independence treat

With every strand of hair Suzanne Goodluck and her staff touched on Wednesday this week, the hearts of many senior citizens were touched, too.{{more}}

Wednesday marked the annual Senior Citizens’ Day at Suzanne’s Hair Studio, during which this country’s nation builders are treated to a day of pampering and fellowship. Patrons are also offered manicures and pedicures to round off the all-inclusive package.

On this day, the studio is closed to all other clients, and the staff cater solely to the seniors’ every request.

When SEARCHLIGHT visited the hair studio, the sparkle from the hairdos, fingernails and toes reflected off the mirrors, and thunderous laughter erupted every five seconds, enough evidence to show that the ladies were having the time of their lives.

Elaine Williams of Biabou was perhaps the most exuberant of all the women. Sporting a fresh ‘do, Williams said she enjoys what Suzanne does every year for seniors. “All I tell her is that I want ah good hairstyle to go home and meet me boyfriend,” Williams laughed.

Mt. Pleasant resident Dorothea Dickson was having the final touches done on her hair when she smiled broadly for the cameras. “I just came and sat in the chair and I wasn’t too sure what was done to my hair, but I love the outcome,” she remarked. Dickson said she likes to come on this day every year because it is not only about getting her hair done, but the fact that she can meet up with old friends and make new ones.

Dickson thanked Suzanne for all she has been doing for senior citizens over the years and hopes that it continues for years to come.

Robertha Pope of Biabou couldn’t help but stare at her freshly manicured fingernails before deciding to smile for her picture. Pope said she was only getting started, since she had yet to complete her pedicure and treatment for her hair. “I’m getting the whole fireworks this years,” she chimed. Pope, who admitted that she only employs the services of Suzanne’s Hair Studio, described Suzanne’s service as wonderful and thanked her for the love she shows each year.

Stylist Debra Derrick, who has been employed with Suzanne for the past 10 years, said that she enjoys making senior citizens feel good about themselves and just to be in their presence. “It has been tremendous just listening to their stories about things in the past,” Derrick added.

Meanwhile, Goodluck is making sure she plays her part in ensuring that senior citizens are not forgotten. “I think sometimes they are really forgotten…We can’t forget those who blazed the trail for us, and I see it fitting to give back something to them in a meaningful way,” she noted.

Goodluck, who has been offering the free service to nation builders for the past eight years, said that this year many more persons took advantage of the offer than in previous years, adding that she enjoys every minute she spends in the company of the women. “This is one of the days I look forward to…there’s no tension, no fuss, just a lot of laughs and camaraderie,” she said.

Suzanne’s Hair Studio is situated upstairs the KISMET building on Grenville Street. (KW)