Special Feature
December 2, 2005
ULP to continue Education revolution

Vincentian voters and political enthusiasts had another document to ponder last weekend. That was the Unity Labour Party’s Youth Manifesto.

It came on the heels of the 90-page National Manifesto, launched at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex last week Saturday night.

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves gave a background to the compilation of the document, and projected on the direction his administration would take if it retains governance following the December 7 poll.{{more}}

The ULP is basing its campaign on its performance since March 28, 2001. They have promoted the ‘Education Revolution’ as the pillar of their campaign.

Page 31 of the ULP manifesto states, “The education revolution has impacted upon all sectors. Early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary, nursing, teaching, adult, special, technical and vocational education.”

The ULP plans to “consolidate, extend and deepen the education revolution in every aspect.”

There are plans to build six schools in 2006, and one of the thrusts will be on achieving “early childhood education for children between the ages of three and five years.”

Those late developers will also be catered for and the ULP will “elaborate and implement a comprehensive programme of remedial education at primary and secondary schools.”

The technological aspect will be strengthened with installation of 2,400 Max Computers in 80 centres for remedial work, adult literacy/education and educational training at all levels in various subject areas.

The management structure of the Education Ministry is in for some reforms so as to make it more applicable to the Vincentian society, and with plans to build a modern facility to house the Ministry, the ULP is investing in its educational drive.

Additionally, the ULP plans to “make the integrated Community College a quality institution of enhanced educational access for each of the schools within it.”