Special Feature
December 2, 2005
NYC to discuss manifestos

The National Youth Council, NYC, in a press release dated November 29, expressed their dissatisfaction with “the level of political intensity that has been created with elections just a few days away.”

The council is calling on political leaders to urge their followers to “desist from engaging in misconduct.”{{more}}

The press release also said that the NYC will host a discussion tomorrow at their headquarters to discuss the political parties’ plans as highlighted in their manifestoes, particularly, the youth manifestoes. They issued a “passionate plea” for the leaders of the political parties to attend.

Meanwhile, President Michael Johnson has urged young people to vote in the upcoming December 7, General Elections.

This call came at a press conference on Wednesday November 16 at the Council’s Headquarters at Frenches.

He advised young people to vote for the political party that has their future at heart.

Johnson said that the real issues of education, housing, healthcare, sports, culture and the economy should be on the minds of young people when they mark their ‘X’ at the polls.

Johnson cautioned, “I urge you not to make election paraphernalia such as posters the real issues in this election. One party would win the next general elections and let’s pray and vote Election Day for the best policies.”

Numerous activities have been planned for the 40th anniversary of the National Youth Council, NYC, in 2006. This will include the return of the Council’s first President from 1966, Keith Rae. The council has already received many congratulatory messages from regional and international youth organisations for their achievements.