Special Feature
December 2, 2005
NDP supporters hurt in boat accident

What was supposed to be a day of fun on the sea for supporters of the New Democratic Party on Sunday, November 26, almost turned deadly before the Bequia Express vessel could leave the Kingstown Wharf.

According to eyewitnesses, at about 8:30 am the cables which supported the ramp of the vessel suddenly snapped when several over-exuberant supporters rushed onto it, sending eight persons overboard. {{more}}Reports are that of the persons who were tossed overboard four nearly drowned, three had head injuries while one had a leg injury. The four that nearly drowned were Tamesha Simmons, 16, of Lowmans Leeward, Shaneta Hoyte, 20, of Sandy Bay, Beryl Butler, 43, of Belair and Clifford Patterson, 19, of Layou.

Northern Grenadines representative Dr. Godwin Friday, who spoke with the Searchlight Newspaper said it was tragic that the incident occurred.

He however said that he was grateful to the persons who responded quickly to assist those in danger and was pleased that there was no loss of life.

Sir James Mitchell who was also interviewed described the incident as horrible. He however said that he was able to insist that one of the persons who almost drowned get mouth to mouth resuscitation before he was rushed to the hospital. He said he believed because of this, he was able to release water from his nose and mouth, hence his life was saved.

Sir James said after that incident the cables were fixed and persons were urged by way of speakerphone to calmly enter the vessel.