Sir James: Poll date a sign of victory
Special Feature
November 25, 2005
Sir James: Poll date a sign of victory

He may be retired from active politics, but former Prime Minister and leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Sir James Mitchell showed that he is still able to rev up the crowd, at the launch of Arnhim Eustace’s bid to retain the East Kingstown constituency.

He said that the date announced for the General Elections by Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, December 7, was a sign of victory since that is the official anniversary of the 30-year-old New Democratic Party.{{more}}

Mitchell paid tribute to those whom he said toiled in the vineyard and those who had passed away. He also congratulated party political leader Arnhim Eustace and his team for their achievements.

Sir James quoted from his new book “A Season of Light” in which he expressed how concerned he was about getting a trustworthy successor with vision. He admitted that after careful deliberation his words about finding that leader seemed to be prophetic because Eustace was the immediate choice to guide the country.

The founding father of the NDP stated that Vincentians love the game of cricket and said while they put the Unity Labour Party (ULP), headed by Prime Minister Gonsalves, in the batting crease by voting them into office, the ULP and Dr. Gonsalves scored naught.

While members of the NDP team had high praise for Eustace, it was his two children who showed a side of Eustace that is hardly revealed. First was the well-spoken firstborn Maia who described her father as a man more than capable of doing the job, but who is too humble to brag about his abilities.

She explained that when Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves suggested that U.S. President George Bush could not see Eustace in the night, he was correct, since “these were the darkest days” she had seen in the history of the country. The daughter of the Opposition leader said that President Bush and the International Monetary Fund, IMF, would indeed see Dr. Gonsalves before her father because the Prime Minister was attracting international attention because of St.Vincent and the Grenadines’ rising national debt and increased poverty.

Through a televised big screen message younger sibling Ajene Eustace urged Vincentians to vote for his father whom he described as being in possession of strong leadership qualities.

He said despite accusations by Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves that his father was “weak,” he cautioned Vincentians not to take “meekness for weakness.”

He said, “Because of his life of public service some say he is unfit to lead, but after all is not the conquering Lion of Judah also the Lamb of God. Is not the Prince of Peace also the Defender of the Faith and the Protector of all mankind?”