Special Feature
November 18, 2005
ULP jams despite tropical wave

Heavy rains wreaked havoc across St.Vincent and the Grenadines on the weekend but the deluge and its impact seem to have only raised the morale of the Unity Labour Party (ULP).

At Sunday night’s political rally at the Grammar School Playing Field thousands of ULP supporters braved a tropical wave that was affecting the country to attend the launching of their candidates.{{more}}

The rain came all day but Party faithful, old and young, took shelter under their umbrellas and nearby buildings.

The turnout seemed to have heightened the emotions of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves causing him to issue a warning to his candidates that he will not be tolerating laziness from them. He promised more accountability and representation from his team to the people of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Although the gala event was cut short by the inclement weather, the large crowd was treated to fireworks, dancing and choreography and a dynamic performance by Jamaican Reggae star Luciano.

However, on a more serious note some candidates were able to present a report card of their tenure serving the people of St.Vincent and the Grenadines and what they intend to do if re-elected.

Senator Juliet George and Sir Vincent Beache were the presenters of the night. The duo took pleasure in presenting their comrades and at times Sir Vincent made a few stamps to his customary “mash dem down” dance as if he wanted to let loose but in the end it seemed that he had a change of heart.

Paving the way for his colleagues was Mike Browne who spoke of the Education Revolution which he said was the chief priority of the ULP administration. He spoke of universal access to secondary education which he said was historic in the life of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Browne, elaborating on his administration’s education drive, also spoke of the renovation of the old schools and the Government’s plans to build new ones.

However, it was Senator Julian Francis who previously held the portfolio of Minister of Transport, Works and Housing who seemed to reflect his party’s plans on the night. Clad in a pair of water boots and a construction hat, Francis appeared to be different from the other candidates who were conventionally attired in their suits.

He spoke of the “infrastructural revolution,” mentioning the bridges that were rebuilt by the ULP shortly after they took office. He highlighted aspects that contributed to this revolution such as: the Windward Highway, the tunnels at Byera and Park Hill which were refurbished, the residence of the Prime Minister, schools, and the low income housing project, among others.

“If you think what was done in the first term was good, wait for the second term,” said Jerrol Thompson who has propelled himself into the upper ranks of the ULP as one of its most dynamic and charismatic speakers.