Special Feature
November 11, 2005
‘I think I want to become a multi-millionaire soon’

Lennox Daisley, the New Democratic Party’s candidate for South Windward has indicated that he will be taking legal action for statements made questioning his performance at the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI).

Daisley, addressing thousands of NDP supporters at Biabou Playing Field on Saturday, November 5, where he was launched as the NDP candidate to contest the General Elections against Senator Glen Beach of the incumbent Unity Labour Party (ULP), spoke briefly of his experience at that institution but refused to go into detail.{{more}}

“My leader tells me not to touch this at all so I will not. My lawyers have advised me they have a good case and I think I want to become a multi-millionaire soon but I will do it the legal way, not like the rest of my family, that side of the family I mean,” said Daisley.

Before leaving for Ethiopia in the month of October, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves left several questions for some candidates of the NDP to answer; Daisley was among them.

In his address Daisley chided the Unity Labour Party administration for its handling of the Agricultural Sector, specifically relating to Agro-processing and the banana industry, and the choice of Argyle for the proposed international airport.

He also took a swing at Sir Vincent Beache, the outgoing Area Representative for South Windward and his son Senator Glen Beach.

He used the opportunity to appeal to supporters of the ULP to come across and join forces with the NDP.

Daisley said like his father, the late Hubert Daisley, Sir James Mitchell, founder of the NDP, once contested the General Elections on a Labour Party ticket. He noted that Sir James, recognizing that he was born from the “bowels of labour”, advised him that there is nothing wrong with making changes.

“Sir James was telling me earlier that there is nothing wrong in life to have changes. The majority of us have complicated histories and difficult belongings. I wonder how many of us have not changed in life?” Daisley asked, as he made his appeal to Labourites.