Special Feature
November 4, 2005
Miguel reports from the Valley

Girlyn Miguel, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries and parliamentary representative for Marriaqua has reported to her constituents.

That was last Sunday, October 29, in Mesopotamia.

Miguel, a former primary school Headteacher, entered the square just in front the Levi Latham Health Clinic preceded and followed by Unity Labour Party supporters.{{more}}

Some came with her from Richland Park, about two miles away and others joined at what one announcer referred to as Advira Bennett square. The supporters were urged to assemble there, to “show them how we strong.”

By the time Miguel got into Mesopotamia, the atmosphere was boiling over. Persons waving banners, flags, rags, and carrying pictures of Miguel, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves and other ULP parliamentarians ensured that Miguel’s rally was different.

The ULP’s newest song, recorded by Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle, was played regularly, and the supporters joined in lusty chanting of the punch ‘Labour.’

In addition to the speeches by candidates, there was people’s involvement. There were presentations to ULP members, and entertainment and cultural packages.

Miguel is known for her Christian principles, so it was no surprise that there was a touch of deep religious fervour.

Miguel was fired up. She gave an account of her performance with help of some video clips.

She highlighted her efforts at poverty reduction, and referred to a skit done by supporters, which emphasised the government and party’s efforts to assist the elderly.

Marriaqua will become part of the Low-Income Housing project with the acquisition of lands.

Miguel spoke of the construction of a ramp to the second floor of the Levi Latham Health Clinic, necessary because some patients in wheel chairs had to be attended to downstairs. They could not be lifted up the steps.

Miguel highlighted the construction of bridges, roads, health care facilities, schools, and other community needs as some of her accomplishments.

She urged banana farmers to persist with the industry.

Mesopotamia is to get a library as part of efforts to upgrade the community.

Her daughter made Miguel’s introduction, with another sister joining for the presentation.

Miguel, dubbed the ‘Marriaqua Rose,’ was hailed as a mother, not just to her children, but to the constituency. To endorse her qualities, Senator Glen Beache, the ULP candidate in the neighbouring South Windward constituency, described Miguel as a ‘Mother’ to him in the Cabinet.