Special Feature
October 21, 2005
Former Ambassador hits campaign trail

In his maiden political speech to the people of West St. George, former Ambassador to Washington and the Organization of American States (OAS), Kingsley Layne, said the next General Elections will be a referendum as to where St.Vincent and the Grenadines goes.

“Do we return to a system where people can use their initiative assisted by a government knowing the importance of personal successes or do we vote for a situation where the government gives you everything and you have to have a Party card to even get cooking gas,” said Layne at the Dauphine Playing Field last Saturday, at his launching as the New Democratic Party candidate for West St.George.{{more}}

In his address Layne who spent several years as a diplomat under the former NDP administration complained of dilapidated public facilities across the country “like health centres and schools”. He also complained about “non-payment of wages to workers”.

Layne charged that under the Unity Labour Party administration people are afraid to speak. He said it reminds him of the aftermath of the Grenada Revolution.

Layne told his constituents that many people have made unrealistic promises to them but he was not going down that road.

“I am not promising to fix all your ills tomorrow but I promise you sincerely that I have taken notes of all the problems that I see as I go around to people’s homes,” said Layne.

Layne promised to be a force to be reckoned with in the elections.

“The current administration’s idea of vision is short sighted. All of them should go to Cuba too,” said Layne.

Layne ended his address by reciting a favourite prayer attributed to St.Francis of Assisi.