Glen Jackson suspects fowl play?
Special Feature
October 14, 2005

Glen Jackson suspects fowl play?

Spokesperson for the Unity Labour Party, ULP Glen Jackson has called for a public inquiry into the operations of the Dumbarton Poultry Farm and the managerial patterns of Advira Bennett.

Careful in his choice of words, Jackson gave the call for the investigation into Bennett, who recently retired from the Government service and is now the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) candidate for Marriaqua, and announced that she “gave away chicken” to people in Marriaqua despite being ordered to “destroy” the poultry.{{more}}

Jackson highlighted charge number one as “disobeying lawful instruction,” elaborating, he said, “she disobeyed the order to destroy the chicken and gave them away to the people in Marriaqua.” Jackson went on to the second charge, “When you take it upon yourself to give away government property, that is charge number two.”

The ULP spokesman further questioned the performance of the NDP’S candidate and placed the third charge on the Marriaqua woman, “We don’t know (what) take place, we don’t know! We want a public inquiry into what she do and what she did not do by the hatchery!”

Jackson’s fourth charge was that Bennett set up a vet related business which is located in the vegetable market.

The outspoken Jackson made the fifth and final charge against the deportment of Bennett, “When she get on the platform, the lady go up in a sleeveless kind of thing and disrespect the whole country. Not even the colour of she party, I say Eustace should give she charge number five.” After laying out his charges, Jackson exited the stage because of a sore throat.