Special Feature
October 7, 2005

Belmar hoping to sweep northern Grenadines polls

Herman Belmar, the Unity Labour Party candidate for the Northern Grenadines constituency is hopeful that the “tidal wave” sweeping mainland St. Vincent swamps the Grenadines as well.

Belmar hit the spotlight at Barrouallie last Sunday night when the Unity Labour Party gathered in solidarity with Deputy Prime Minister Louis Straker, parliamentary representative for Central Leeward. A teacher, environmentalist, draughtsman, Belmar received a glowing recommendation from Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves. {{more}}

Belmar was endorsed the previous day by over 200 delegates at a ceremony on his native Bequia.

Dr. Gonsalves described Belmar as “his own man,” one with charisma and having the affection of the Northern Grenadines residents by dint of his own contribution to the community’s development.

Dr. Gonsalves compared Belmar to incumbent Dr. Godwin Friday, and the Prime Minister asserted that Dr. Friday was riding on the coat-tails of former Prime Minister Sir James Mitchell.

Belmar, during his turn at the podium confessed that it was the largest crowd he had ever seen. Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves estimated the gathering at 23,000.

Belmar exuded confidence, and expressed his pleasure in joining the ULP flock. “I am at

home with you,” Belmar declared.

He described the mass of ULP supporters as a “tidal wave,” and predicted that the phenomenon would move to the Grenadines.

“Nobody can stop it,” Belmar shouted.

And energised by the vibrancy of the throng, Belmar drew them into a call and response: his words: “Tidal wave,” to which the crowd responded at his request: “Can’t stop it.”

Prime Minister Dr. Gonsalves is hoping to break the NDP stranglehold of the Grenadines and is looking at Belmar as a trump card for the ULP.

ULP’s Southern Grenadine candidate Edwin Snagg joined his other ULP colleagues in welcoming Belmar to the platform.