Grenada: New minimum wage for 19 categories of workers from Jan 2024
Grenada’s Labour Minister Claudette Joseph
Regional / World
January 5, 2024
Grenada: New minimum wage for 19 categories of workers from Jan 2024

Grenadian employers, including the government, will from January 1 [2024], pay increased minimum salaries or wages to workers, including media workers, whether they are trainees, part-time or full-time employees.

According to a notice published in the official Gazette, the minimum salary or wage to any working person will be no less than EC$1,200 per month or no less than EC$60 per day.

The minimum wage currently focuses on 14 [categories of] workers, namely industrial and clerical, security guards; domestic workers; caregivers of the elderly; workers in bakeries; agricultural workers; construction workers; shop assistants; workers in the hospitality industry; vehicle drivers.

“The new minimum wages order will cover an expanded category of workers to include media workers, call centre workers, helpers on construction sites and sanitization workers,” Labour Minister Claudette Joseph told Parliament during the debate on the 2024 national budget.

The last time changes were made to the minimum wage order was in 2011. However, the Employment Act recommends that it be done every three years.

The new minimum wage recommendations were agreed to following a series of public consultations with employers and employees that were conducted by a cabinet appointed committee (CMC/Loop)