Interactive Media says thank you
Prime the pump
April 27, 2018

Interactive Media says thank you


Prime The Pump

Dear Valued Customer, WE JUST WANTED to say thank you for being an Interactive Media Limited customer.

Your loyalty has been invaluable to our business over the years.

If there’s anything we can do to assist you in achieving your goal, please contact us today.

It is always our pleasure to serve you. Interactive Media Limited Team Do you have a customer appreciation strategy? Alex Mceachern, in an article “Why you should always be thanking customers”, describes a customer appreciation strategy as a marketing strategy adopted by companies to reward its loyal customers. He said “Customer appreciation is a measure of a company’s efforts toward its customers. It reflects a proactive approach to engaging customers that make a difference in your company.”

It is said that for every customer who bothers to complain, nearly 26 others remain silent. It is therefore imperative that you develop a customer appreciation strategy that is part of your daily interaction with your customers.

Here are three easy and affordable ways to show your customers how much you appreciate them:

● Contact them regularly. After the deal is made or the contract is signed, your customer should be made a top priority. Customer loyalty is not about what got the customer to buy, but what gets the customer to keep on buying. Give your customer good reasons to remain a customer.

● Promote your customers. Build loyalty and encourage positive behaviour from them by promoting them or their business. This initiative shows the customer that you see the relationship as a partnership.

● Make your customer feel like a VIP. Appeal to your customer’s self-interest. A personal message via e-mail or a card expressing why you appreciate their business will make the customer feel important and can result in customer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Karen James