Massy Stores donates to four local charities
From left - Annekah Kirby of Massy Stores, Lerisia Douglas of GreaterPurpose SVG, Three representatives of the Voice of the Disabled, Clyde Fitzpatrick of Catholic Soup Kitchen and Traceeanne McDonald-John of Massy
Press Release
December 8, 2023
Massy Stores donates to four local charities

Massy Stores SVG has donated $40,753.52 to four deserving charity organizations across St Vincent. On November 29, at Massy Stores Conference Room, representatives from Massy Stores SVG presented Forces For Good grants to Our Lady of Guadelupe Home for Girls, Greater Purpose SVG, Voice Of the Disabled, and the Catholic Church Soup Kitchen.

The donations signify Massy Stores’ dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need within the community, a release from Massy Stores said.

“The recipients of the Forces For Good Grants were carefully selected, with nominations coming directly from Massy staff members. The chosen charities covered four essential categories: Education, youth development, small business and sustainable ways of living each received a grant of EC$10,188.38 to further their respective missions.

“Massy Stores SVG believes in the power of community engagement and remains committed to fostering a culture of giving back,” the release said.