Project launched to reduce rodent population in Kingstown
Senior Environmental Health Officer Ralph Williams (photo credit API)
Press Release
April 12, 2023

Project launched to reduce rodent population in Kingstown

The Vector Control Unit within the Public Health Department is embarking on a project to reduce the rodent population in Kingstown.

The Unit is currently going through the city, placing bait in rodent burrows and providing public education awareness.

The project involves conducting information sessions at government departments, businesses, schools and food outlets.

There is also an aspect of data collection in terms of food storage and food disposal practices at food establishments.

The project, which began in March, runs until April 27.

The Unit will then conduct a post- assessment interview with food outlets to establish what changes they have implemented in food disposal practices.

In an interview with the Agency for Public Information, Senior Environmental Health Officer Ralph Williams, said he expects the initiative to be successful but calls on the stakeholders involved to take their part seriously.

Williams added that though similar projects have been conducted before and with success, it is hoped that “through public education that the general public will change their habits that may encourage rats.”

“One of the concerns really is the particular disease Leptospirosis that annually we always have cases and that is one of our major concerns really,” Williams stressed.(API)