Press Release
December 22, 2022
Tuesday December 27 declared a public holiday

The public is hereby advised of the Cabinet decision to declare Tuesday, December 27, 2022, a public holiday.

A release from the Office of the Prime Minister said this decision was taken in recognition of the fact that Christmas Day 2022 will fall on Sunday, December 25, a situation that traditionally will result in the holiday being given on the following day (Monday).

Considering this, and the fact that Monday December 26 is already a holiday (Boxing Day), the government has taken the decision to declare Tuesday, December 27 a holiday, the release, dated December 22 said.

“The Prime Minister and Cabinet of Ministers take this opportunity to extend Season’s greetings to all Vincentians during this, our time of respair, and trust that we find fresh hope during this season of joy and love.

“Blessed Christmas and peace and goodwill to all,” the release ended.