Agriculture minister congratulates new ILO Director-General
Press Release
October 18, 2022

Agriculture minister congratulates new ILO Director-General

THIS COUNTRY’S Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar, has welcomed the election of Gilbert Houngbo as the new Director-General of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), noting the importance of his tenure at this time.

“…[His] tenure comes at a very critical time in international relations. I am confident that his extensive experience as Prime Minister of Togo, Assistant Secretary-General of UNDP and Executive Director-Director will provide the requisite leadership needed at this time,” Caesar, who has responsibility in Government for the portfolio of Labour said in a brief statement.

Houngbo was elected as the 11th Director-General of the ILO as its 344th session on March 25 and started his tenure on October 1, 2022.

Minister Caesar said he was “also pleased with the appointment of Senior Advisor, Ambassador Chad Blackman from the GRULAC region. “Ambassador Blackman continues to be resolute in his efforts to develop the region.

“St.Vincent and the Grenadines look forward to working with the new Director-General as he builds his vision for the ILO and the Global Social Justice Coalition,” the minister concluded.

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