Press Release
February 11, 2020

Constable praised for her remarkable investigative work

Recruit constable, Tanya Farrell of Stubbs, has been praised for her “remarkable” evidence and investigation work in a theft case.

Upon conviction of defendant Arnol Dasent last Friday at the Serious Offences Court, for the theft of 100 pounds of sweet peppers worth EC$435 from farmer Advira Bennett-Hazell, Senior Prosecutor, Adolphus Delplesche, commented that Farrell had done a “brilliant” piece of work in how she presented the case.

Chief Magistrate, Rechanne Browne, commended the recruit, saying that for a young officer/recruit, her investigation, and her evidence was “remarkable.”

The magistrate commented that Farrell spoke well ,and her use of language, “was just fantastic to listen to.”

She encourage young Farrell to keep on that path that she has set”, further commenting, “Really, really commendable.”