August 19, 2011
Rover’s escape Pt:2

After about 15 minutes of unrelenting fight, Gipsy eventually surrendered to the male dominance of Rover. Covered in blood, barely conscious, they both began to lick their wounds.

Gipsy had once lived a pampered life. She had nice owners with loving kids. She lived in a fenced yard and was taken for long walks on weekend.{{more}} She was fed 4 times daily as a puppy until she was about 3 months of age, then 3 times daily from 3 to 6 months of age. Twice daily until one year of age, then once daily.

Gipsy was taken to the veterinarian on a regular basis and had all of her puppy vaccination shots. She even had her yearly booster shots. Her nails were neatly groomed, and at one point, she even heard her owners planning to have her spayed, though she wasn’t sure what that entailed.

One day Gipsy saw the gardener planting some beautiful flower plants around the perimeter fencing. His digging immediately evoked her long suppressed desire to dig. So she decided to see if she could do a better job than him as soon as he left. In the process she effectively ruined all of the plants that were recently planted.

In her eyes, she thought that she had done a splendid job. Therefore, when she saw her owner the next day, she was expecting him to compliment her on doing a great job with the plants. On the contrary, he got really upset. What he saw were great holes where his expensive plants were planted.

She understood when he scolded her for digging and vowed not to do it again, but that innate urge remained deep within her, and she couldn’t help herself doing it again and again.

It was a few weeks after this compulsive habit was formed that something dreadful happened.

As soon as her owner got into the car that Sunday morning, she jumped in thinking that it was beach time. They were driving for about an hour when she realized that the drive was exceptionally long. She soon did not recognize the familiar countryside she was used to seeing.

Suddenly, the car stopped in a desolated area, the door was opened and she jumped out only to have the door slammed in her face. The car quickly drove off and that was the last she ever saw of the people she had grown to love and depend on for her every need.

It had been 6 months since that dreadful day and she hardly had any hair left on her body; that was covered in sores due to the intense pruritus that caused her to scratch virtually nonstop as a result of mange that she contracted from contact with other stray dogs. She had lost more than half of her body weight because she expended more energy scratching than she was able to put into her body.

She was living under the small bridge far far away from home when she tried to defend her turf from Rover.

After licking their wounds, they settled down to spend the night, even huddling close together for warmth and comfort. By the next day, even though they were both stiff and sore from fighting, the previous night, they had regained some energy but were both very hungry.

Not very far from where they were lived a farmer with a few sheep. She had been scoping the place out for a few days, but never got the courage to attack the sheep on her own, but now Rover was there, and the hunger was overwhelming, she thought it was the right time.

They sneaked into the pens that housed the sheep, hoping to kill one for dinner, but the genes of their wolf-ancestors were overpowering, and instead of just dinner, they killed all 6 of the farmers’ sheep….

To be continued….

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